A Woman of Many Talents


      My name is Lee Kaplanian and I am a woman of many talents.

It is not always easy to have people remember the different things I do and my websites, so I decided to have one place they can always go to find me.   If you don’t know me, you may be wondering who I am and what I do.

Gift of RA Blog I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 40 years and have viewed it as negative and the enemy.  In recent years I have begun to see it differently, that somewhere there is a gift in all of it.  I compare it to the joke about the little girl digging through a pile of horse manure, certain there is a pony in there somewhere.  I have spent most of that time doing it mostly by myself – I often wished I had known someone who had had RA for awhile who I could talk to about it.  Then when things scared me, I could learn if it was fairly normal or time to see the doctor.  About 2 years ago there was something inside pushing me to write about RA, so I started the blog hoping in some way I can be of help to other people as I was navigating my way through my own dis-ease.    You can check it out at www.giftofra.com



I am always interested to hear what you have to say, to contribute or ask questions. I feel this is a two way street because I learn a lot from other people as well as my own experiences.  I don’t know all the questions yet, much less do I have all the answers by a long shot, but I will do my best to find them for you.

PROMOTIONAL MARKETING ADVISOR My business is CMTIwest and I keep you on your client’s mind using all 5 senses.  As a Promotional Marketing Advisor, I like to get to know you, what your business is, how you do it, why you do it and then talk about what your objective, time frame and budget are.  I am not in the business to sell you stuff – I look for creative ideas and solutions for your promotional needs.  It is all about you, your business and what will work for you.  I  had a prospect who wanted to buy pens – now I was quite happy to put in an order for pens for her but for what she wanted to accomplish, pens weren’t really the right solution.

I decided to have fun with my business – there was too much “Life is real, Life is earnest” and it drove me crazy.  So I decided “Why not have a little fun and see where it takes me”.  Besides, when you do unusual, unique things to market your business, people remember you more than if you do everything like everyone else.  Be bold and stand out from the rest of the crowd – you will be amazed at what happens.

I have 2 websites –

 This is my website for information and also some fun things to check out.  It gives you some ideas why Marketing is an investment in your business, not just a line item in your budget that can be jettisoned when times are tough.  When things are slow is the most important time to market your business.  There is a catalog to browse through to give you some ideas or to look for something specific.  You can email me

        www.fivesensespromotions.com     This web site has my newsletters and is about Sensory Marketing – using all 5 senses to make your message memorable.  Right now I am revamping the site, so it may look a little rough for a bit.


Kaplanian International   My husband and I have a company called Kaplanian International.  It is consulting for parts management  to help companies and  organizations  find the hidden profit centers as well as to organize the inventory side to have it run more smoothly.  We have two sites –




www.kaplanian.com   and   www.thepartsspecialists.com

With his knowledge, experience and expertise, Ed can help your parts operation  run efficiently and profitably no matter the industry.  As he always says “Parts is parts”.    Remember, the parts operation is where the money is, not sales. You can Email


The Kaplanian Report   This is Ed’s monthly review of stories and information about commercial aviation.  He covers stories and information you don’t often see in the regular media.  You can find it at The Kaplanian Report.  If you want to contact him, email Ed at this link.

Finding Gifts Radio Show  I started a radio show in September 2014, a leap of faith for me.  I  wanted to use my knowledge and experience dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis and caring for my Mom during her time with dementia.  I have had RA for 44 years and started my blog Gift of RA in February 2010 to share my experiences.  In many ways I feel I have a PhD in Life Experience and want to use my experiences to benefit other people.  The advantage f the radio show was a 2 way conversation with my audience – I learn as much from from other people and what they have to share as other can from mine.

I had it for 3 months until I had to end it at the end of December that year.  My Mom died and I needed to take a sabbatical to deal with grief and her death.  I plan to start it up again when I am ready – I miss doing it so much.

November 2016 I was able to do my show again and you can hear the archives at 1150kknw.com

I have put up a blog with my mp3 recordings of my show – called Finding The Gifts.  You can listen to the podcasts I have uploaded already, though still working on adding and organizing then in chronological order.  However, each one can stand on its own as an interview or as opinion.  You can listen to them HERE.  If you want to contact me about the show, Email Me

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